Is yoga not too slow and boring? There are various yoga traditions to suit the rhythm of everyone. Ashtanga is a quick-paced variety, but introspection is just as important: what could be more interesting than getting to know yourself and pushing your boundaries?

Who do you think should start practicing yoga? Anyone can take up yoga, and the results will be instantly evident. Then you can decide whether to go on, but please note that it’s addictive…

How did you start with yoga and what effect did it have on your life? I accidentally walked into an advanced ashtanga class after more than a decade of experience as an aerobic fitness trainer. I thought I had seen and tried everything, but I was mistaken. Ever since, I have been experiencing that anything is possible.

What can I expect if I decide to start yoga as a hobby? Well, sore muscles for sure, along with good company…

Is it not embarrassing for guys to do yoga? As far as I know, most practitioners are young women. No, it is not embarrassing, and ashtanga is definitely a huge challenge even for guys, except if they had done it in their former lives. And anyways, guys doing yoga is getting trendier by the day.

How often should we practice per week? The big book of ashtanga advises six sessions, but even once a week will bear its fruits.

Which is better: doing yoga in a group or alone? Both are useful: the goal is to practice on your own, since that aids introspection, but a group may inspire you toward that purpose.

Can you recommend to try yoga if I want to be fit, and not just relaxed or calm? Of course: yoga will make you strong and focused at the same time. It is a stress reliever: ashtanga takes away what is unnecessary and gives you a boost just where you need it, meeting your own specific needs. Just try it.

Does yoga work even if I am not a buddhist? Yoga is not a religion, but a lifestyle: it has a number of effects on your life, e.g. health, fitness, mental cleanliness, external and internal balance. It makes you both strong and flexible. It may sound an overstatement, but yoga will bring you closer to your real self by the day.

Do I have to have a special talent, or be flexible before I take up yoga? Isn’t it risky? No, you don’t need any such skills. You may step in at any level, just as you are. As for being risky, is life itself not full of risks? Yoga is not a risk to yuour health if practiced with paitience and some support, at least initally. You may start at any age, e.g. Sting took up yoga at the age of 38-39.

I heard that singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is also an avid yoga practitioner. How trendy is yoga? It is becoming ever more trendy as lots of actors (e.g. Matthew McConaughey) and singers (e.g. Madonna) are practicing yoga to give them strength, stress relief and focus in their stressful lives. But you will have to judge for yourself.

What are power yoga and dynamic flow yoga? These place an emphasis on the sporty aspects of these ancient movements, but also promote spiritual harmony: classic yoga postures (asanas) follow each other dynamically. Perspiration fosters detoxification, while your strength and well-being get a dramatic boost, along with a spectacular improvement in your flexibility, stamina, balance and concentration.

Which of the various versions is recommended to start with? I think ashtanga is the best choice, but I am biased. If you feel like trying it, come and visit Muditayoga Studio (Budapest XII. district, Győri út 2/B a five-minute walk from MOM Park) or enrol at our Croatian yoga camp – a holiday with never-ending effects.